Ford Media Coverage Redux

photo of gerald r. ford

Two prominent West Michigan media outlets–the Grand Rapids Press and WOOD TV 8–ran stories on the 26th commemorating the one-year anniversary of President Gerald R. Ford’s death. As with the media’s coverage last year, the stories featured relatively little about what Ford actually did as President or as a member of Congress. Instead, they focus on Ford as a person; the Press recalls Ford’s “blunt honesty” and WOOD TV 8 focused on an increase in attendance at the Ford Museum in downtown Grand Rapids, relating that story to people who were personally touched by Ford. One of their bloggers asserts that pundits have said that “what this country needs is another thoroughly decent man like Jerry Ford to be president again.” As if this praise was not enough, WOOD TV 8 plans to run a retrospective of the Ford funeral on Sunday.

As a counter to these stories, folks might want to read two pieces published by Media Mouse last year:

Sanitizing the Death of Ford, What the Media Isn’t Telling Us

Independent Press Offers Alternative Views of President Gerald R. Ford

These two pieces contain a wealth of material–from Ford’s “green light” for the East Timor genocide and opposition to busing as a means of ending segregation–that you likely won’t find in the local media’s commemorations of Ford’s death.

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