Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Reunion held at MSU

Last month, a reunion was held at Michigan State University (MSU) featuring former members of SDS from the 1960s. The reunion offered an excellent opportunity to discuss past and present movements and the power of students and community members to transform society.

Last month, at Michigan State University (MSU) in East Lansing, an MSU Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) reunion was held on campus. SDS was the most prominent radical student groups of the 1960s and, like many universities, MSU had an active chapter. The reunion, organized with the help of Ignite SDS (MSU’s current SDS chapter) and Students for Economic Justice. The reunion offered an interesting dialog on the movements of the past, the revived SDS, and how students and community members can use their power to end wars.

Introduction by Bob Meola, a member of the original Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at Michigan State:

Members of the current Detroit, Michigan chapter of SDS talking about their ongoing organizing efforts:

Tom Price’s tribute to Jeff Miller, a member of MSU SDS who was murdered by the National Guard at Kent State University in May of 1970:

Founding SDS president Alan Haber on “A Plan to Win:”

Former SDS member Bill Ayers on “Movement Building in Troubled Times:”

Former SDS member Bernardine Dohrn on “When Hope and History Rhyme:”

Keynote speaker Bert Garskof, who was an MSU faculty member during the 1960s and who supported MSU SDS:

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