Grand Rapids Area Company Receives $319,817 in Military Contracts

In October, Borisch Manufacturing–one of several companies in West Michigan that regularly does work for the United States’ military–received two contracts from the US Army.

As part of Media Mouse’s ongoing work tracking military contracts awarded to companies in West Michigan, we documented $319,817 in contracts awarded to Borisch Manufacturing during the month of October. The amount includes two contracts–one for $260,912 and one for $58,905–both of which were for motor vehicle maintenance. According to our records, Borisch has received more than $17 million in military contracts since the start of the Bush administration’s “War on Terror.”

In related news, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), an organization formed between state government, local governments, and businesses to foster economic growth in the state, is hoping to attract increased investment in the defense industry. Citing the need to diversify Michigan’s economy in light of the difficulties facing the automobile industry, the MEDC and the state of Michigan formed the Defense Contract Coordination Center (DC3) to help Michigan businesses receive military contracts. This effort has included $10 million in funding as part of Governor Jennifer Granholm’s 21st Century Jobs Fund. However, a recent study by the Political Economy Research Institute out of the University of Massachusetts has suggested that investment in defense spending is inferior means of creating jobs when compared to spending in other sectors.

Additionally, this week has been dubbed “Military Contractor Awareness Week” by the National Lawyers Guild chapter at Cornell University. While their focus for the week is primarily on mercenary corporations, it seems appropriate to remind readers that the West Michigan area is home to several military contractors, especially in the aerospace industry. Companies such as Smiths Aerospace, Eaton Aerospace, and L-3 Communications have made millions by creating components for the military aircraft. Moreover, Wolverine Worldwide has received over $355 million in contracts for military footwear.

Author: mediamouse

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