Don’t Bother: No need for edict on Iran policy


This brief piece from the Grand Rapids Press comes from the Press’ “Polpourri” section, an area of the Sunday paper described on the Grand Rapids Press’ website as containing “political tidbits.” These are most often paragraph long pieces written in a tone that tends to trivialize the issues at hand.

In this case, the Press mentions that Representative Vernon Ehlers is being targeted by an unnamed “liberal advocacy group” working to convince Ehlers not to support an invasion with Iran. Would it have been helpful if the group was identified? In the discussion of Ehlers and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, the article is ambiguously worded and could be read to say that Ehlers was successfully pressured to “change his stance” although that did not happen and Ehlers has remained supportive of the war. Also, the Press does not include anything about Ehlers’ voting record on Iraq.


First, U.S. Rep. Vern Ehlers was targeted by an anti-war group called Americans Against Escalation in Iraq. They pressured Ehlers to change his stance on the war, part of a national campaign focused on select members of Congress. Now, another liberal advocacy group is dialing up residents and urging them to demand Ehlers stop the Bush administration from going to war with Iran. Ehlers said he can spare them the effort. “There is no way I want to go to war with Iran. There is probably nothing to be gained by us attacking Iran.”

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