Michigan “Stormfront” Members Attended Nick Griffin Speech at MSU

A week ago when MSU’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom hosted British racist Nick Griffin, the audience included at least three members of the racist Internet message board “Stormfront.” Beyond posting on the message board, the three have all been involved in the organized racist movement.


In advance of a speech at Michigan State University (MSU) by British National Party (BNP) member Nick Griffin, there was some discussion about how Griffin’s speech was being promoted on various websites associated with the racist right, including those of American Renaissance and the Council of Conservative Citizens. In addition, the event was promoted on Stormfront, a prominent racist message board used by the racist right and its sympathizers.

The discussion of Stormfront was largely used to bring further pressure on MSU’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), with an example being postings on a blog tracking Young Americans for Freedom called YAF Watch. Following the speech, there was a little discussion on both YAF Watch and Media Mouse about Griffin’s associate Preston Wiginton who is a contributor to Stormfront.

However, Media Mouse has learned that in addition to Wiginton, at least three Stormfront members from Michigan were in attendance at Griffin’s speech. Three individuals came from the east side of the state and boasted of eating dinner with Griffin and other Stormfront members in the following post by an individual using the name “Tactical Mastery” (his profile image contains a swastika):

Looking through video footage from the event and postings by “Tactical Mastery”, it is clear that the user was present:

The user known as “Tactical Mastery” has postings similar to what can typically be found on Stormfront, including complaints about African-Americans in the media:

Racist statements towards African-Americans living in his metro Detroit region:

Weighing in on important controversies like dating people that are not white:

and even expressing concerns over his own “whiteness:”

“Tactical Mastery” said that he attended with other Stormfront members, including those going by the names “David Starr Jordan” and “Ypsilanti NA”. Looking through posts, we were able to find conformation that “David Starr Jordan” was there, as shown in the following screen grab from the event and post from Stormfront:

Earlier discussion of Stormfront members attending the Griffin lecture has previously been used primarily to discount MSU’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter, rather than as a vehicle for discussing how YAF and Nick Griffin fit into a larger rightwing context. The presence of these individuals should not be used simply to discount YAF, but rather to show that Nick Griffin is firmly rooted in the racist right and that his speech would be of interest primarily to racists.

On Stormfront, a common topic of discussion is how many posters are not willing to be “active” in the racist movement, instead spending most of their time on the Internet rather than doing organizing or educational work. The Stormfront members who were present at the Griffin event are active participants in the racist right. In the picture above, “David Starr Jordan” and “Tactical Mastery” were shown preparing leaflets for distribution on Eastern Michigan University’s campus. The leaflets came from a group called “The Nationalist Coalition” a so-called “white activist organization” that calls for a “White living space… completely free of non-Whites” as one of its “goals.” The leaflets were distributed as part of an event organized by Stormfront members called “Night of the Flyer” in which members were encouraged to distribute “pro-White” material in their communities. In addition to Ypsilanti, flyers were also distributed in Muskegon by another Stormfront member.

Aside from the leafleting at Eastern Michigan University, it is worth noting that “David Starr Jordan”–who’s name appears to be “Evan Thomas” based on several posts and articles attributed to him on Stormfront–is an active member of the organized racist movement at the national level. This year, Thomas spoke at a gathering of white supremacists in New York, where he was described as one of the “up-and-coming leaders of a new wave of white supremacy” by the Village Voice.

Indeed, Thomas has a long history of involved in the racist movement and has organized several events in Michigan. He was involved with the European American Association, a group that has brought Canadian racist Paul Fromm and John de Nugent (who has been affiliated with the Holocaust denial organization known as The Institute for Historical Review) to Michigan. Moreover, Thomas has been involved in a number of racist groups including the European American Unity and Rights Organization, the National Alliance, the League of the South, the National Vanguard news website, and his own Soldiers of the Confederacy discussion board:

In addition, through his organizing in Michigan and involvement in organized racism, Thomas has connections with prominent racists, including David Duke and his self-proclaimed “friend and mentor” John de Nugent:

On Stormfront, Thomas has written fairly extensively and while a considerably more detailed post would be needed to fully explore his ideology, the following posts show that he is a “white nationalist” and a possible Holocaust denier:

Finally, another member identified as attending the event with Thomas and “Tactical Mastery” was “Ypsilanti NA”. That poster also has been involved with organized racism and has been active with the National Alliance and attended a recent meeting organized by the Council of Conservative Citizens that featured prominent racists Jared Taylor and J. Philippe Rushton:

By inviting Griffin to campus, these are exactly the type of people that Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) could have expected to attract. Griffin–more than any of YAF’s other speakers–has direct ties to the organized racist movement. It seems impossible that YAF could have been unaware of Griffin’s racism (even if they did perceive them to be “allegations” rather than specific examples) and now it is clear that their event brought not only a racist to speak, but members of the organized racist movement to Michigan State University’s campus.

Author: mediamouse

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  1. WOW. Thanks so much for collecting all this information in one spot. I will share it with a friend at MSU. We’ve talked quite a bit about YAF.


  2. This link describes the current and former activities of a person named L. Timothy Gratz who was active in Donald Segretti’s CREEP campaigns

    the Committee to Re-elect the President (Nixon) and the Wisconsin Chapter of YAF. It is important

    to follow current and former members of YAF to see what they have been up to and what they are now up to as well. It is the only way to meet the

    threats of YAF head on. Also on this site is Doug Caddy, one of the original founding fathers of YAF along with William F. Buckey, Jr. and Larrie Schmidt who financed the Wanted for Treason Poster against JFK in Dallas on the day he died. CREEP also tried to remove George Wallace’s AIP Party from the California ballot in 1968. You MUST LEARN ALL ABOUT YAF, THEIR STAFF, THEIR TACTICS AND THEIR STORMTROOPER ACTIVITIES. Some members of CREEP were seen with Arthur Bremer on the day he shot George Wallace in 1968.


  3. Hang on minute, you are blaming Griffin for these people attending the event? You are saying that the attendees reflect the speaker, right? In that case, Griffin must be a loud mouth, abusive, violent and undemocratic Communist because all I saw at that event was abuse and hateful behavior from the left who had no interest in a discussion or debate.

    Please think about your logic trail before you write nonsense. Of course you won’t print my comment as it doesn’t suit your argument. YAF Watch are just the same.

  4. Griffin holds racist beliefs and his speech attracted racists, that seems pretty logical to me. Aside from that, according to the Stormfront posters cited in the article, Griffin ate dinner with these folks. That is more than a coincidence.

  5. It is also “more than a coincidence” that a large number of people turned up to hurl abuse and engage in childish or violent antics such as smashing effigies or setting off alarms. The trail of logic in this article or your comment does not work.

    And do we know that Griffin had been informed “Excuse me sir you should not eat with these people they are Stormfront members” beforehand? Is he required to check about everybody he eats with? Do you?

    This article is proof that some people are simply looking to justify the actions of the left on this evening because, in fact, they know their actions were unjustifiable.

  6. Please don’t reject my comments, I have abided by your rules.

    So these SF members turned up because of Griffin and this is not coincidence? Well by your own numbers, there were a couple of SF guys and a whole bunch of about seventy rude, abusive and violent left wingers who set off the alarm, destroyed an effigy and tried to stop the talk altogether.

    I repeat, by your own logic that a speaker’s audience reflects the speaker, Griffin is just an undemocratic, far left rabble rouser.

    He ate dinner with the SF guys? Have you never eaten with somebody you didn’t know when you were in a foreign country? Is he obliged to say “Excuse me, please disclose all your political allegiances before you sit down and eat your fries”? Do you?

    Do/have the Republicans, The Democrats, Labour or the Lib Dems never had undesirable people attend their speeches? Do you far left people never have any Mao admirers at your meetings?

    There is simply no logic to the argument in this article. It’s an example of smearing to justify a viewpoint to try and retain your imagined moral high ground, and it does not wash.

  7. This article has nothing to do with justifying the actions of the left. It’s simply pointing out what happens when you invite a member of the organized racist movement to campus–more members of that movement can be expected to attend in the audience. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that Griffin brought Preston Wiginton–who also has been active on Stormfront–with him to campus.

    Beyond that, given YAF’s concern over “leftists” and those protesting the event, I highly doubt that Griffin just happened to eat with members of the audience–it seems like that would have been somewhat restricted, but of course that’s just speculation.

  8. Just to let folks know, I rejected a post from Preston Wiginton because he used homophobic language. However, it seems appropriate to point out that he recently spoke at a racist rally in Russia:

    “Texan joins thousands of Russian nationalists for anti-immigrant march in Moscow

    MOSCOW: As Preston Wiginton, a white supremacist from Texas, stepped forward to address thousands of Russian nationalists at a rally Sunday in Moscow, he lifted his black cowboy hat high in the air.

    ‘I’m taking my hat off as a sign of respect for your strong identity in ethnicity, nation and race,’ he said, exposing his close-cropped head to a freezing drizzle.

    ‘Glory to Russia,’ Wiginton, 43, said in broken Russian, as the crowd of mostly young Russian men raised their right hands in a Nazi salute and chanted ‘white power!’ in English.

    About 5,000 nationalists turned out for the Russian March, held for the third straight year on National Unity Day, a public holiday the Kremlin inaugurated in 2005 to replace the traditional Nov. 7 celebration of the 1917 Bolshevik rise to power.”


  9. I’ve written about creeps like John de Nugent on my Judeophobe Watch blog. My last post was devoted to him.

    True, you can’t judge a speakers solely on who they attract, but it should put up warning signs and get one to wonder what exactly makes a person appealing to such losers.

    Ron Paul also has Stormfront’s blessing, but he attracts lots of Libertarians too.

    In a two party system for example, racists have to vote for someone.

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