Debbie Schlussel: Michigan’s Own Ann Coulter?

Debbie Schlussel–a conservative columnist from Michigan who used to host a radio show in Detroit–makes frequent media appearences while making disparaging, if not racist, comments towards Muslims. She also frequently equates Islam with terrorism.

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Michigan’s Debbie Schlussel has occasionally drawn comparisons to the better known conservative Ann Coulter, who’s history of extremist statements (some of which are racist) has been well-documented over the past several years. However, Schlussel–a former radio show talk host on 97.1FM in Detroit–has a history of making her own extremist statements. Far from appearing on the air in just Detroit, Schlussel appears extensively on national television and radio, appearing regularly on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and CSPAN. In addition, Schlussel’s commentaries appear regularly on conservative websites such as Political USA and in newspapers such as the New York Post and the Jerusalem Post.

Schlussel–who’s most extreme rhetoric focuses on national issues, has also commented occasionally on Michigan politics. In her official biography, Schlussel says that she was a candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives (4th District) in 1991 at the age of 21. She ran again for the Republican nomination in 1998, but lost. Schlussel further claims to have attended the Republican National Convention in high school and claims to have worked on Ronald Reagan’s campaign in 6th grade. In 2006, Schlussel advocated for Proposal 2 and even worked for the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative as General Counsel, arguing that Muslim and Arab groups get preferential treatment via affirmative action. Schlussel routinely refers to Governor Jennifer Granholm as “The Governatrix Gran-HO” whom she has criticized for “welcoming illegal aliens and urging them to come to Michigan,” for having the state’s website translated to Spanish and Arabic (“All the better to welcome Jihadi illegal aliens to our country with open arms”), for having an “effeminate, girlie-man husband and kids who took her last name,” for being “the ultimate political prostitute,” and for hiring an “Islamofascist” to work in her government.

At the national level, Schlussel has gained some attention for her anti-Muslim comments, many of which are overtly racist. The media watchdog group Media Matters has documented some of Debbie Schlussel’s comments, including those describing the Virginia Tech shooter as a “Paki” who might be part of a “coordinated terrorist attack” and another questioning Senator Barrack Obama’s ability to be president because of his Muslim heritage. Schlussel’s anti-Muslim comments can be traced back to her early work in Michigan, with reporting in the Detroit News on the results of her “undercover” infiltration of the Islamic Center of America. Since that time, Schlussel has frequently commented on Islam, even describing herself as having “unique expertise on radical Islam/Islamic terrorism.” To this day, she continues to bash followers of Islam in Michigan. During the 2006 gubernatorial elections she accused DeVos and Granholm of being willing to “pander to Hezbollah” for attending a dinner organized by the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) in Dearborn. She has referred to Michigan as “Michiganistan” while calling Detroit “D-Mecca” and criticizing the city’s anti-profiling ordinance as being a boon to “Detroit’s Islamofascist malefactors.” She has criticized so-called “Muslim extremists” at the University of Michigan and has painted the majority of the religion’s followers as “extremists” (“Muslim extremists [a repetitive phrase, in most cases, unfortunately]”).

However awful Schlussel’s anti-Muslim comments have been regarding Michigan, they unfortunately pale in comparison to what is featured in her nationally published columns. A substantial number of these columns feature anti-Muslim and anti-Islam comments, a small sampling of which are reproduced below. In her columns, Schlussel frequently equates Islam with terrorism and calls for a more aggressive approach to fighting terrorism that centers on profiling Arab-Americans:

September 11, 2007: Barbarians Inside the Gate:

You’d think if donating to terror-free charities was so important to Muslims and Arabs, there would have been greater attendance. But that isn’t important to them. And they know they will continue to get away with laundering to terrorists because we simply aren’t serious about stopping them and shutting down the charities that do so.

August 29, 2007: Immigration Enforcement? The Abu Moskowitz Chicken Farm Show:

Which is more dangerous to you: Hispanics plucking feathers out of your soon-to-be-dinner bird . . . or Islamic terrorists and money-launderers hiding out in Dearbornistan, just a few miles from Abu M’s comfy office and home in a ritzy neighborhood?

August 17, 2007: The Muslim Honor Killing Hollywood Doesn’t Want You to See:

Sometimes the lies are not what is in the script, but what is removed under pressure from whining, politically correct interest groups. These days, those groups are primarily Muslim and Middle Eastern… Muslim groups have successfully gotten scenes–accurately depicting them as terrorists and murderers–removed from scripts or changed to another, more acceptable nationality. … It’s politically correct to attack Jews, not so–these days in Hollywood–to attack those who attacked us before and on 9/11 and repeatedly try to again.

July 7, 2006: The Founders’ Solution for Terrorists:

We’re not necessarily suggesting a return to the quartering alive and tar-and-feathering of the days of the Founding Fathers. We’ve become more civilized. But other cultures who wish to destroy us haven’t. And it’s important to note that the Founders got the message — and had the answer.

You repel more flies with vinegar than with honey.

February 10, 2005: Jihad on Fox’s “24”:

FOX’s “24” is the most exciting show on TV, this season. Action. Adventure. And it actually tells the truth about Islamic terrorists.

They are here on our shores, pretending to be loyal Americans, and they are plotting to take over our country. With the help of plenty of complicit Muslim-Americans, working for the government and government contractors.

February 4, 2005: Sex and the Islamic Terrorist:

Jeff has a problem with female U.S. interrogators using their sexuality to taunt Guantanamo prisoners.

Et tu, Jeff?

He decries female interrogators wearing tight t-shirts, fondling themselves, brushing their breasts against prisoners’ backs, and putting red ink on the face of prisoners.

This is torture? Puh-leeze. We know what real torture is. It goes on in Muslim countries around the globe, every day. In case you forgot what that is, there’s a video starring Nick Berg all over the Net.

They hate us, period

January 22, 2002: In King’s name, profile the profilers:

Martin Luther King Jr. is turning in his grave.

His own son – Martin Luther King III – Arabs and Al Sharpton are using his name in vain.

While many celebrated the civil rights leader’s memory yesterday, Sharpton, King III and Arab leaders desecrated it – repeatedly using King’s name to denounce “profiling” of Arabs and Muslims.

But, in the heart of Arab and Muslim America – the Detroit area – it’s Arabs who are doing the profiling. Blacks aren’t just being profiled by them, they’re being senselessly murdered, kidnapped and assaulted.

October 23, 2001: Coming to America:

In the weeks since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, President Bush has uttered a constant refrain: “Islam is Peace.”

Wrong. Bush doesn’t know any Arabic. Those with even a basic understanding of the language know that “salaam” is “peace” in Arabic. Islam means something entirely different.

And while there are peaceful forms of Islam, we need only look to Sudan – our new coalition partner in the War Against Terrorism, and its radical Islamic supporters in the United States, to learn which meaning of “Islam” controls the Arab world, today. And to learn what they have in store for us.

Sudan is run with a bloody fist by Arab Muslim General Omar Ahmed el-Bashir, a strong supporter of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups, which continue to train in Sudan. His country was the cozy home to Osama bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, for quite some time. But if you are a black Christian or even a moderate Muslim, the submissive meaning of Islam is something you know quite well if you weren’t murdered – the fate of two million black Christians in Sudan, thus far.

This happens every day in Sudan. Thousands of black Christians, Animists, and moderate Muslims, considered transgressors of the shari’a – orthodox Islamic law – are treated to rape, limb amputation, torture or murder. The men are generally murdered, and the women are kept alive to produce more Muslims. Those who resist the gang-rapes get slit-throats. Is Islam, as practiced in Sudan, “peace” or “submission”? You don’t need to know Arabic to make the call. Welcome to the Coalition Against Terrorism, and “ground zero in the global jihad,” according to Dr. Charles Jacobs.

September 17, 2001: Terrorist Enabling Neighbors:

Southeastern Michigan is home to the largest concentration of Arabs outside the Middle East. It’s insulting for peaceful, tolerant Americans to hear every news anchor and even President Bush call for them not to physically attack Arab-Americans. While we’ve heard trumped up complaints that they’ve been harassed over the past few days, it’s the exact opposite. As an attorney who has successfully represented Arab-Americans in civil rights cases, it’s my view we’ve been far too tolerant.

Don’t blame federal agents for Tuesday’s [09/11/01] lapse in national security. Blame my neighbors – the Arab American and Muslim leaders who’ve actively blocked the fight against terrorism for years.

September 14, 2001: Will Bush Learn from the Past?

The lessons of terrorism are these:

Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is a major sponsor of terrorism against Americans;

Destroying him and Osama bin Laden will not end the fundamentalist Islamic culture of suicide bombings and destruction of Western values;

The only solution is Reagan’s peace through strength, not Powell’s restraint after terror;

Although most American Arabs and Muslims are law-abiding citizens, terror in America is not possible without a strong infrastructure of sympathetic Muslim-Americans, mostly of Arabic descent, not to mention almost every Arab country and Iran; and

Profiling of those of Middle-Eastern descent by federal agents is a must.

May 18, 2001: Why we need racial profiling:

…profiling of Arab-Americans for terrorism is different from discriminatory traffic stops of black Americans — it’s a necessary tool of law enforcement. It’s necessary to protect the security of America and Americans.

The Detroit area is home to the largest concentration of Arab-Americans. It is also home to the largest concentration of Arabs anywhere outside of the Middle East. And, whether they wish to admit it or not, it is also home to any number of sympathizers and active participants in Arab terrorist groups that kill Americans. It may not be politically correct to utter this truth.

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