Representative Agema Hunts in Russia while House Discusses State Budget

West Michigan area Representative Dave Agema (Republican, Grandville) is in Russia on a two-week snow sheep hunting expedition while his colleagues in the Michigan House of Representatives are debating a plan to address Michigan’s $1.75 billion budget deficit. The story was reported in the Grand Rapids Press today, and while such items are usually best ignored, it is worth noting in light of Agema’s overall extremism. Agema has repeatedly attacked immigrants, suggested that public school teachers be armed, and has dismissed the torture of detainees in Iraq. Somehow, the fact that he is skipping out on a critical budget discussion to go on a Russian snow sheep hunting expedition–which can cost upwards of $20,000 according to the Press–seems fitting.

Agema’s chief of staff said that he informed the House several months ago and that he was assured that this would be a good time to go. Nevertheless, Agema’s absence is listed as “unexcused” and there has been the usual partisan sniping over whether or not he told the House leadership of his planned absence. Fortunately, while this is the type of borderline irrelevant news that political reporters love to cover, a Press reporter did do a follow-up to Agema’s call for allowing teachers to be armed in which it reported that Agema’s plan has been largely dismissed by school administrators.


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2 thoughts on “Representative Agema Hunts in Russia while House Discusses State Budget”

  1. I favor Rep Agema’s proposal to allow schoolteachers to be armed. If one looks beyond the rhetoric, statitics show that those who obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit are extremely responsible and there are very few problems. If I was on a flight that was hijacked by terrorists, I know that I would prefer that the pilot be armed. In the same way, I would prefer that a teacher have the ability to defend my child in the event of attack. If an armed teacher had been available at Columbine or Virginia Tech, innocent lives may have been spared. The right of self defense is deeply rooted in our laws. We need to consider all options when it comes to protecting our children.

    Rep Agema’s proposal is practical in many ways, even if it is regarded as politically incorrect.

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    Representative David Agema–who has drawn criticism for controversial statements calling for teachers to be armed to reduce threats of terrorism and school shootings and immigration–has been heavily supported by PACs according to a review of campaign …

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