Protest Planned Against Attorney General Gonzales in Grand Rapids

On Wednesday, a protest is scheduled to confront US Attorney Alberto Gonzales who is speaking in Grand Rapids. Protestors are targeting Gonzales to call for his impeachment due to perjury and his role in the firing of 8 US Attorneys, his support for the NSA’s spying program, and his support for the use of torture in the “War on Terror.”

photo of alberto gonzales

On Wednesday, August 15 there is a protest scheduled to confront US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who is speaking at a luncheon in the Eberhard Center of the GVSU downtown campus during a “Criminal Agencies Seminar and Awards Luncheon.” Protestors plan to meet at the walking bridge just west of the Eberhard Center at 11:15am to greet people coming from the seminar at the main downtown campus.

The protestors plan to confront Gonzales and communicate to the conference attendees three main issues that organizers say are reason to have the Attorney General fired. First, Gonzales should be impeached because of his role in the firing of 8 US Attorneys across the country and the fact that he has perjured himself in recent Congressional hearings on Gonzales’s role. Law professor Marjorie Cohen recently wrote “In light of material inconsistencies in Alberto Gonzales’s testimony before Congress, a criminal investigation is warranted. Gonzales, who is suspected of committing perjury, has a conflict of interest. The public interest requires that the highest prosecutor in the land be brought to justice.” The national group Democracy for America has called for the impeachment of Gonzales and have a video online that includes part of these Congressional Hearings.

The other issues that the protest will be confronting are government spying and torture. In May of 2006, the US government was exposed for its domestic spying campaign through the National Security Agency (NSA). The ACLU has an ongoing legal campaign to overturn the NSA spy program as being unconstitutional a program that the top law enforcement official, Gonzales, has defended. Lastly, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in a memo he sent to the Bush White House in January of 2002 made the claims that the principles of the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War do not apply to captured members of the Taliban or Al Quaeda and that the use of torture was legitimate.

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