Slaughterhouses, Fur Farms, and Animal Research Laboratories in Michigan


An anonymous activist has compiled a directory of slaughterhouses, fur farms, and animal research laboratories across the United States and published it online at The name “Final Nail” comes from an underground magazine that was circulated in the late 1990s. That zine was targeted by the Fur Commission, a trade group representing “mink farmers” who charged that:

The Final Nail: Destroying the Fur Industry – A Guided Tour has been posted for years on the Internet, introduced by the same quote: “The Earth is not dying – it is being killed. And the people killing it have names and addresses.” The Final Nail lists farm addresses for fur farmers and, since fur farms are predominantly family-owned, those addresses are the home addresses of small family farmers.

The Final Nail includes chapters entitled “Maximum Destruction NOT Minimum Damage”, “Smashing the Furriers” and three chapters on incendiary devices.

Extremists have used these addresses to coordinate midnight raids on farms, releasing, then abandoning, domesticated animals to become road kill. These terrorists have mailed razor blades and death threats to farms where children routinely fetch the mail. They have used the information in The Final Nail to build incendiary devices and commit arson.

Despite the charges of the Fur Commission, the information is important in that it can shed light on an industry that exists based on the systematic exploitation of animals. According to the, the website exists to “shine light on industries directly involved in animal abuse and exploitation.” The website further states:

Have you ever seen a slaughterhouse? Chances are there’s one close to where you live. Or take a road trip and visit a fur farm. When you do, send us pictures and we’ll post them here.

We need your help to improve this resource. Let us know if you find businesses that have closed, incorrect addresses, or if there’s something missing from our lists.

We hope to expand this directory in the future. Is there an animal industry that you think we should feature?

For Michigan, the website lists 6 lab animal suppliers, 16 fur farms, 5 trapping operations, and 31 slaughterhouses. The locations are listed below:

Laboratory Animal Suppliers

Xenopus I, Inc.

5654 Merkel Road

Dexter, MI 48130

Phone: (734) 426-2083

Fax: (734) 426-7763


Notes: Laboratory animal supplier (frogs)

Hodgins Kennels

6300 Lange Road

Howell, MI 48843

Phone: (517) 546-3078

Fax: (517) 546-3078

Contact: Fred & Janice Hodgins, Tammy Longhi

Notes: Laboratory animal supplier (dogs); USDA Class B dealer (licensed to sell “random source” dogs).


2723 116th Avenue

Allegan, MI 49010

Phone: (888) 205-1536


Contact: Patrick McKown

Notes: Laboratory animal supplier (fish, amphibians)

S & S Farms

14135 S. 29th Street

Vicksburg, MI 49097

Phone: (877) 646-4744 or (760) 788-7007

Fax: (269) 649-2589


Notes: Laboratory animal supplier (pigs). See also Ramona, CA.

R & R Research

19256 W. Kendaville Road

Howard City, MI 49329

Phone: (231) 937-5680

Contact: James Woudenberg, Roberta Woudenberg

Notes: Laboratory animal supplier (cats, dogs); USDA Class B dealer (licensed to sell “random source” dogs).

Cheri-Hill Kennel & Supply

17190 Polk Road

Stanwood, MI 49346

Phone: (231) 823-2392

Fax: (231) 823-2925

Contact: Mark Ulrich

Notes: Laboratory animal supplier (dogs); USDA Class B dealer (licensed to sell “random source” dogs).

Fur Farms

There were 7 fur farms in Michigan in 2006 (according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service), down from 16 in 1997.

Jack Brower Fur Farm

15011 Chandler Road

Bath, MI 48808

Notes: Farm may be closed (confirmation needed).

Michigan State University

Dr. Steve Bursian

2209C Anthony

Department of Animal Science

East Lansing, MI 48824-1225

Phone: (517) 355-8415

Fax: (517) 353-1699


Notes: Received a $20,000 grant in 2005 from Mink Farmers Research Foundation (“Research on Nutrition, Toxicology, Behavior and Management of Mink”). Dr. Bursian used to work with now-retired fur industry researcher Richard Aulerich. MSU used to operate an Experimental Fur Farm (located on Jolly Road), which may still be open?

Dale Hiatt

31765 M-66 or 30985 Covey Road

Leonidas, MI 49066

Notes: Fox farm. Farm may be closed (confirmation needed).

Natural Fibers

17519 L Drive South

Marshall, MI 49068

Contact: Joe & Marie McFadden

Notes: Fox farm. Farm may be closed (confirmation needed).

Van Elderen Bros.

8th Street, just north of 112th Avenue

Martin, MI 49070

Fox Haven

1806 E. Hinchman Road

Berrien Springs, MI 49103

Contact: James E. & Judith Brown

Notes: Fox farm.

Lemon Creek Fox Ranch

2224 E. Lemon Creek Road

Berrien Springs, MI 49103

Contact: William V. & Norma Kechkaylo

Notes: Fox farm. At same address, Wicklewood Kennels.

Fisk Fox Farm

11576 Sprague

Sand Lake, MI 49343

Phone: (616) 984-5564

Contact: Douglas R. and Diane Fisk

Notes: Fox farm.

LeFebre’s Mink Farm

1260 146th Avenue

Wayland, Ml 49348

Contact: Randall J. LeFebre

Notes: Farm may be closed (confirmation needed).

Scholten Fur Farm (Scholten Feeds)

260 – 139th Avenue

Wayland, Ml 49348

Contact: John Scholten

Notes: Large fur farm.

Mink farm

2495 Phaneuf

Traverse City, MI 49686

Contact: Brian Fisher

Notes: Farm may be closed (confirmation needed).

Jander’s Fur Farm

17725 County Road 551

Bark River, MI 49807

Phone: (906) 466-2909

Contact: Gregory Jander

Robert Roell & Sons

N11218 State Highway 95

Channing, Ml 49815

Contact: Robert Roell, Kenneth Roell, David Roell

Notes: There are two large farms south of Channing on State Highway 95; east side of road.

Sturdy Mink

5218 18.9 Lane

Gladstone, Ml 49837

Robert & Rita Sturdy

Phone: (906) 786-7835

Notes: Large fur farm. Entrance located off of 19th Lane, about 1/2 mile west of County Road 426/Michigan 5/G38.

Pipkorn Mink Ranch

Box 217

Hermansville, Ml 49847

Contact: Steve & Tom Pipkorn

Notes: Address?

JET Mink Ranch

N2119 Bay De Noc Drive

Menominee, MI 49858

Phone: (906) 863-3113

Notes: Large fur farm. Bay De Noc Drive is also known as Old US 41. Farm is located at southwest corner of Bay De Noc and 5.25 Lane, west of US 41.


Michigan Trappers Association


Notes: state trapping association

J&K Fur Exchange

2893 S-M65

Whittemore, MI 48770

Phone: (989) 756-2473

Contact: Ralph Degesie

Notes: U.S. agent for Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. (

Two Bears Trading Company

12475 Greenbriar Lane

Grand Haven, MI 49417

Phone: (888) 863-2652

Fax: (616) 846-9635


Contact: Ernie & Vicki Marvin

Notes: Retailer of furs, skulls, teeth, turtle shells, etc.

F&T Fur Harvester’s Trading Post

10681 Bushey Road

Alpena, MI 49707

Phone: (989) 727-8727


Notes: trapping supplies

Mark Spencer

N4552 Spencer Lane

Moran, MI 49760

Phone: (906) 292-4779

Notes: U.S. agent for Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. (

UPTA, Dan Harrington

W9402 Peterson Drive

Iron Mountain, MI 49801

Phone: (906) 774-3571

Notes: U.S. agent for Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. (


C. Roy Inc.

444 Roy Drive

Yale, MI 48097

Phone: (810) 387-3975


Crescent Slaughterhouse Corp. (dba Al Badr Slaughterhouse)

1826 Adelaide Street

Detroit, MI 48207

Phone: (313) 567-6000


Berry & Sons Rababeh Isl Slau

2496 Orleans Street

Detroit, MI 48207

Phone: (313) 259-6925


Wolverine Packing Company (dba Amish Country Brand, Bonnie Maid)

1340 Winder

Detroit, MI 48207

Phone: (313) 259-7500


Weltin Meat Packing

8678 Fifth Street

Minden City, MI 48456

Phone: (989) 864-8888


Confers Slaughterhouse

8100 Saginaw Street

New Lothrop, MI 48460

Phone: (810) 638-5095

M s

McNees Meats

6267 Old State Road

North Branch, MI 48461

Phone: (810) 688-2408


Johnston’s Meats

4470 Sandusky Road

Peck, MI 48466

Phone: (810) 378-5455

M s

Bernthal Packing

9378 Junction Road

Frankenmuth, MI 48734

Phone: (989) 652-2648

M P s

Nature’s Premier Organic

372 List Street

Frankenmuth, MI 48734

Phone: (989) 652-9840


Walsh Packing Company

7551 Pigeon Road

Pigeon, MI 48755

Phone: (989) 453-2961


Michigan State University, Animal Science Dept.

1358 Anthony Hall (Meat Lab)

East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: (517) 355-8452

M P s

Alma Freezer Company

1724 W. Monroe Road

St Louis, MI 48880

Phone: (989) 681-3733

M s

Jones Butcher. & Meat Proc.

7965 Potters Road

Saranac, MI 48881

Phone: (616) 642-9212


Packerland – Plainwell, Inc. (dba Moyer Packing, Murco Foods)

11 Eleventh Street

Plainwell, MI 49080

Phone: (269) 685-6886


Pease Packing Corporation

8713 South 38th Street

Scotts, MI 49088

Phone: (269) 626-8891


Countryside Quality Meats

1184 Adolph Road

Union City, MI 49094

Phone: (517) 741-4275


Bob Evans Farms

200 N. Wolcott Street

Hillsdale, MI 49242

Phone: (517) 437-3340


Hillsdale County Meats

11560 E.Territorial Road

Waldron, MI 49288

Phone: (517) 286-6270


Geukes Market

500 North High Street

Middleville, MI 49333

Phone: (269) 795-3767


Otto’s Poultry

5622 Whitneyville Road

Middleville, MI 49333

Phone: (269) 795-7696


De Vries Meats

17685 80th Avenue

Coopersville, MI 49404

Phone: (616) 837-6061


Jos Sanders

237 South Main

Custer, MI 49405

Phone: (231) 757-4768


Fillmore Beef Company

5812 142nd Avenue

Holland, MI 49423

Phone: (616) 396-6693


West Michigan Beef Company

3007 Van Buren Road

Hudsonville, MI 49426

Phone: (616) 669-1212

M s

Michigan Turkey Producers

2140 Chicago Drive SW

Wyoming, MI 49519

Phone: (616) 245-2221

P (turkey)

Ebels Family Center

420 E. Prosper Road

Falmouth, MI 49632

Phone: (231) 826-3333


L & J Meat Market (dba Boone Cattle Company)

3901 South Morey Road

Lake City, MI 49651

Phone: (231) 839-2176


Rocheleau Meats

10900 Townline Road

Cheboygan, MI 49721

Phone: (231) 627-4474


Rainbow Packing

3532A 18th Road

Escanaba, MI 49829

Phone: (906) 786-7098


Michigan Meat Processing

3708 19th Avenue North

Escanaba, MI 49829

Phone: (906) 789-7410


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