Kalamazoo White Supremacist Event Featured on “Eye on Hate” Radio

photo of floyd cochran

Former white supremacist turned anti-racist activist Floyd Cochran featured the August 4 racist rally in Kalamazoo on his weekly “Eye on Hate” radio show on July 12, 2007. Cochran, who was a recruiter for the Aryan Nations before leaving the white supremacist movement fifteen years ago, has announced that he is planning to organize against racist talk show host Hal Turner’s planned rally in Kalamazoo.

According to Cochran, Hal Turner is a “nazi, racist broadcaster” that “prides himself on being able to walk up to the line and threaten people… and calling for the death of destruction of people who not only oppose his views, but who have a different skin color, come from a different culture, have a different religion than his.” As a way of hindering the white supremacist’s rally in Kalamazoo, Cochran is going to the city to pass out flyers and posters featuring the pictures of white supremacists coming to the city in the hopes that businesses will refuse to serve them. Cochran said that he is “going to do all kinds of things in Kalamazoo, Michigan” with a focus on “calling on people to rise up and confront organized white supremacists” when they come to Kalamazoo.

Turner previously threatened Floyd Cochran on his June 13, 2007 show, claiming that he had arranged for a group of people to beat Cochran before an appearance at a library in Newark, New Jersey. Cochran subsequently cancelled his appearance over concerns for the safety of his family and himself and has approached lawyers about the threat. He announced on his July 12 show that he is pursuing criminal and civil charges against Hal Turner, and expressed hope that perhaps the pending lawsuit might result in Turner’s arrest before he is able to hold his Kalamazoo rally.

Author: mediamouse

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