Racists Planning Rally in Kalamazoo

A “Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism” has been announced for August 4 in Kalamazoo. It is being organized by the nationally known racist Hal Turner and features a line-up of speakers inclluding Michigan-based members of the Ku Klux Klan and the Creativity Movement. An open invitation has been extended by Turner to most prominent racist organizations in the United States.

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A group of white supremacists and other racists are planning a rally in Kalamazoo, Michigan on August 4. The rally–to be held at a currently undisclosed location–is being billed as a “Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism” in response to allegations of attacks on white males by groups of African-Americans.

The rally is being organized by Hal Turner, a nationally known racist who hosts an Internet radio show and who has a history of making extremely racist statements. Even on the comments thread announcing the rally, Turner argues that “Kalamazoo doesn’t need a White Patrol, just a couple Lynchings” in response to a query about whether or not there are White Citizen’s Patrols in Kalamazoo to protect white people until the rally. Turner has extended an invitation to most racist groups to participate in the rally, including the Ku Klux Klan, the National Socialist Movement, the Aryan Nations, White Revolution, the National Alliance, the National Vanguard, the Creativity Movement, and members of the prominent racist website Stormfront.org. Turner will speak at the rally along with other prominent racists including Alex Linder of the racist Vanguard News Network, Michigan-based Pastor James Wickstrom of the racist Christian Identity movement, and Paul Gellar, a talk show host on Hal Turner’s internet radio network. Additionally, a Ku Klux Klan member from Michigan, Randy Gray, will speak at the rally.

At this time, no protest plans have been announced, but it is likely that the rally will be met with significant opposition. Over the past decade, rallies organized by the Ku Klux Klan, the National Socialist Movement, the Council of Conservative Citizens, and other racist groups in Michigan have been largely drowned out by protestors. A 2006 rally at the capitol in Lansing by the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement had only 60 NSM members compared to as many as 500 protestors.

The rally announcement appearing on Hal Turner’s website:





The story which prompted this rally is linked below. Additional rally details as to specific location, hotel, motel, maps etc will be upcoming on this site.

Confirmed Speakers include:

Alex Linder of VNN

Pastor James. P. Wickstrom

Paul Gellar, host of “Think Tank” Radio Show on TRN

Hal Turner

Randy Gray from Michigan


I have reached out to NSM, AN, KKK and a host of other speakers. I am now also publicly inviting:

The American National Socialist Workers Party and their Commander, Bill White who is also invited to give speech at the event. I want to use this occasion to put the past behind us, mend fences and get back to the issues we both know need fighting for the benefit of White folks.

In addition, I am also publicly inviting members of Stormfront including Jamie Kelso and Don Black both of whom are also invited to give speeches.

I also invite ALL SKINHEADS, regardless of affiliation or geographic location.

Continuing with the public invitations, I invite WHITE REVOLUTION and its founder Billy Roper who is invited to give a speech.

I invite members of the National Alliance and members of National Vanguard.

I have already confirmed that members of the CREATIVITY MOVEMENT support this effort and are coming. Creators are welcome to attend and I urge Creators in the Chicago area to use this event to reinvigorate your local crews after some troubles set you apart for awhile.

Finally, I invite all other pro-White groups not heretofore mentioned, and all unaffiliated pro-white individuals. I mean no disrespect by omitting group names, but all of you know the list can get huge!

Dress Code:

I prefer all attendess dress in regular, casual clothing. Whether you choose to wear organizational clothing or regalia is strictly up to you but for the benefit of everyone, let’s keep the dress code to what we as typical, hard-working Whites usually wear.


You are encouraged to bring large signs expressing your views. Refrain from attaching those signs to any kind of stick or pole because sticks and poles can be used as weapons and we don’t want any of that.


If you hold a valid permit to carry a firearm, you may exercise your right to do so if it conforms with Michigan state law. Otherwise, DO NOT bring any weapons of any type. I’m certain there will be a huge police presence and we want the cops to feel safe. After all, WE aren’t the problem, the savages ARE!

Personality Conflicts:

There are a lot of strong personalities in our movement and as I can personally attest, some of us may not feel comfortable around certain others. I am putting aside any animosity I may have and if I can do it, we all can. So please don’t be put off by who is or might be coming. We must put all petty differences aside for the benefit of the cause.

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