Changes to Dissecting the Local News Feature

Over the past few days, we have made a number of changes and additions to our Dissecting the Local News maintained as part of the Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy (GRIID). For those that have not seen it, the Dissecting the Local News feature takes stories run in the local corporate media, including television stations WXMI 17, WOOD TV 8, and WZZM 13 and the Grand Rapids Press, and analyzes them based on how they represent stories, what they chose to include or exclude, and how they inform viewers and readers. Part of the intent behind the project has always been to increase the public’s engagement with the news media, encouraging people to both become more critical users of the media and also to contact the media when stories are unacceptable. To this end, we have made it so that each story now includes contact information for the relevant news outlet, making it easier for people to email, call, or write media outlets about their coverage. In addition, we have also begun adding video clips in addition to transcripts of the stories, you can see a recent WXMI 17 story on Aquinas dropping Coke for an example.

Some recent pieces in the Dissecting the Local News section include:

06/15/07: President Clinton Comes to Grand Rapids

06/13/07: WZZM 13 Promotes Amway

06/08/07: Giuliani Takes a stand on terrorism?

06/07/07: Giuliani in Grand Rapids Thursday for a fundraiser

06/07/07: Automakers get no help on fuel-efficiency rules

06/07/07: Aquinas College Bans Coke

Additionally, an RSS feed for this section has been added.

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