National Call-In Days on Immigration Reform

The Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR) has announced that this week they are calling for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. This is a general call for finding a “solution to fixing our broken immigration system.” One year after the large national and local actions in favor of immigrant rights the CCIR is calling on the public to pressure the Senate to “move quickly to get real and comprehensive reform legislation passed.”

In March, Representatives Gutierrez and Flake introduced legislation in the House on immigration reform, known as the STRIVE Act. Many national immigration reform groups are saying that this legislation could be better, but most of them have endorsed it as a starting point to push for better policy. In Michigan, the focus is on Senator Debbie Stabenow, since she has not demonstrated much support for immigrant rights, particularly how she voted in 2006. The CCIR is asking people to contact Senator Stabenow this week by calling her local office at (616) 975-0052. There is also a loose local coalition forming in Grand Rapids that is putting together a speakers bureau providing information on immigration history and policy updates. The local contact is immigration lawyer, Richard Kessler.

Author: mediamouse

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