New Book Reviews

As part of our ongoing work reviewing books that make important contributions to movements for social change, Media Mouse has posted four new book reviews. Media Mouse has reviewed Jeremy Scahill’s new book

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army, a timely book looking at Blackwater’s role in the Iraq War and the religious right here in Michigan from which founder Erik Prince emerged. Michael Albert’s new memoir, Remembering Tomorrow: From SDS to Life after Capitalism, makes an important contribution to books on the history of the 1960s and post-1960s left in the United States, while Allison Fine’s Momentum: Igniting Social Change in the Connected Change examines how social change organizing has changed due to social media technology. Lastly, we have posted a review of Jules Valles’ The Insurrectionist (The Jacques Vingtras Trilogy), a personal recollection of the Paris Commune.

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