Report Argues for Broad Political Reform in Michigan

A new report by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network (MCFN) argues for political reform in Michigan. The report, titled “A Case for Political Reform in Michigan,” provides a detailed rationale for thirty-three political reforms in the areas of campaign finance, lobbying, ethics, term limits, redistricting, election administration, judicial independence, and enforcement. The report argues that in light of the “extraordinary” role that money plays in Michigan politics and the make-up of the state House and Senate that the time is right to pursue political reforms. The MCFN’s report is designed to offer “a broad analysis of the many problems that challenge democracy in Michigan” and to offer meaningful ideas for reform. Among the ideas for reform are an overhaul of Michigan’s campaign finance system to establish functional contribution limits and accountability in political campaigns, public funding of Supreme Court candidates, and the elimination of term limits to mitigate lobbyist influence.

Author: mediamouse

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