Commentary: Death and Taxes at 11pm tonight — how the news media limits debate

In Media Mouse contributor Jeff Smith’s latest column for Recoil Magazine, Smith looks at how the media covers “tax season” each year and the questions that they fail to ask about tax policy. Among the questions that go unexamined are why corporations get such large tax breaks or why municipalities receive a smaller percentage of tax revenue than the military. Smith writes:

Over the next few weeks the news media, as if does every year at this time, produce stories of how so many Americans are procrastinators when it comes to doing their taxes. The TV stations will run footage of cars lined up in front of the post office waiting to drop off their tax documents or maybe they’ll even have a “certified tax specialist” who tells people that it’s always best to have a professional do your taxes. Generally that is the extent to “Tax Day” coverage. So what is missing for the news about taxes and tax policy in the US?

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