Another Awful Story on Arrests at an Antiwar Protest

For the second time in two weeks, WZZM 13 has run a one-sided story on the arrests of protestors at an antiwar rally in Grand Rapids on March 17, 2007. Both the initial story and the most recent story on March 26, “Grand Valley Professor Arraigned after Anti-War Rally,” assert that the protests were “out of hand.” However, the only perspectives reported are those of the Grand Rapids Police Department. Even more disappointing is the fact that WZZM 13 failed to give any context about the protest. In the March 26 story, WZZM 13 states only that a Professor Herman Kurthen of GVSU was arrested during “an anti-war rally in Grand Rapids” but neglects to mention the fact that the group was specifically targeting Representative Ehlers because of his ongoing support for the occupation of Iraq and that the protest was asking him to sign a contract supporting an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq by pledging to vote against funding requests for the war.

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Analysis of the Marrch 26 Story

Analysis of the March 17 Story

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