Reports of Antiwar Visits at Carl Levin’s Offices in Michigan

The Michigan Peace Network has compiled a series of reports on antiwar activists’ visits with Senator Carl Levin earlier this month regarding his support for continued funding of the Iraq War. Like the meeting in Grand Rapids, Senator Levin’s aides responded in a courteous manner in Lansing and said that they would pass the comments along to the Senator. However, his aides responses were generally dismissive of the proposal to de-fund the war and were consistent with comments Levin made recently in Pinckney, Michigan. At a fundraiser there, Levin said that the Senate does not have the votes to cut funding and said that it sends the wrong message to the troops. Instead, Levin said that he favors resolutions calling for “troop caps” to lower the number of troops. The report also contains rebuttals to these common arguments, arguing that the troops have already been abandoned in Iraq by a misguided policy and that Democrats need to be leaders and take the initiative on this issue, otherwise the occupation is an ongoing death sentence for the 3 United States soldiers that die each day.

In addition, the Michigan Peace Network is hosting an online petition calling for Congress to refuse to fund President George W. Bush’s escalation of the Iraq War and to instead fund troop withdrawal, fund veterans’ benefits, and halt construction of permanent bases. The group plans to deliver the petition in the week before antiwar rallies take place to mark the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Author: mediamouse

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