Video Explores Effects of Factory Farming in Michigan

A video produced earlier this year by the Michigan Sierra Club that explores the impacts of factory farming on Michigan is available online. The 24 minute video titled Living a Nightmare: Animal Factories in Michigan provides an illuminating examination of the water and air pollution, economic impacts, and health effects caused by the 200 Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in Michigan. The video explores how pollution from these industrial agriculture operations is working its way into water supplies, due in large part to the near impossibility of managing the animal waste produced at these operations, with the larger ones generating as much waste each day as a city of 62,000 people. Based on research and environmental testing, it is the official position of the Sierra Club that “CAFOs simply cannot operate without polluting and that they are causing health risks to Michigan residents.”

For more information on more sustainable forms of agriculture, visit the Sustainable Agriculture links compiled by Aquinas College’s Center for Sustainability.


Author: mediamouse

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