New Resources on Immigration and Military Recruiting

Media Mouse, along with the local group ACTIVATE, have produced two new educational resources for groups and individuals organizing for social change in Grand Rapids. As part of their campaign to counter military recruiting, ACTIVATE has produced a small booklet titled The Truth About Military Recruiting that examines a variety of issues relating to military recruitment including the class nature of military recruiting, the treatment of women within the military, the treatment of veterans, the myth of money for college promoted by military recruiters, local alternatives to military service, and organizing ideas. The second resource is a pamphlet titled Migration is a Human Right: The Truth About Immigration in the US. The pamphlet was created using research conducted by ACTIVATE and Media Mouse in response to the immigrant rights movement as well as the organized anti-immigrant movement by the far right in West Michigan. The pamphlet is designed to be given to people who have no knowledge about the history of immigration to the United States or the contemporary realities of immigration.

Both pamphlets are available online and are also being distributed at events where ACTIVATE has a table.

Author: mediamouse

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