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This story is basically a form of stenography, with channel 13 providing comments from Bush on what Rumsfeld has achieved as Defense Secretary. Why did WZZM 13 not provide another perspective on Rumsfeld’s time at the DoD? Why did they not verify the claims of the President? If “50 million people” were liberated would it be good journalism to hear that from those liberated?

There is mention that Robert Gates has been nominated as the new Secretary of Defense, but no background information has been provided other than the fact that he is a former CIA Director. The only other source cited in the story is Congressman Hoekstra. What does he mean when he says “radical Islam?”


Newsreader – President Bush has announced that Donald Rumsfeld is stepping down from his post. He has been Defense Secretary since President Bush took office 6 years ago. This afternoon, the President praised Rumsfeld’s service.

Bush – History will record on Don Rumsfeld’s watch that the men and women of our military overthrew two terrorist regimes, liberated some 50 million people, brought justice to the terrorist Zarqawi, and scores of senior Al Qeada operatives and helped stop new terrorist attacks on our people.

Newsreader – Former CIA chief Bob Gates will take over Rumsfeld’s place as Secretary of Defense if he is confirmed by the Senate.

Newsreader two – Local Congressman Pete Hoekstra among those wishing the Secretary of Defense well.

Hoekstra – Donald Rumsfeld served the country for six years. I wish him well. Obviously there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. This does now provide us with an opportunity to put a fresh set of eyes on to the situation in Iraq and also more importantly a set of eyes on radical Islam.

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