Commentary: What to do now that the elections are over?

Media Mouse has posted Jeff Smith’s latest Recoil commentary, titled “What to do now that the elections are over?” Assuming that most people will be reading it after the elections are done on November 7, Smith asks what are we going to do now that all the political advertisements are no longer on the air in Grand Rapids. Smith argues that the ads have done nothing to educate voters and have only benefited broadcasters through increased profits:

Here’s an idea, how about we use all the money raised in political campaigns to pay people currently unemployed. Or maybe we could put that money into public education or health care for those who have none. Silly me, then the radio and TV broadcasters wouldn’t make a shit load of money off of the democratic process. According to the Michigan Campaign Finance Network TV broadcasters in West Michigan had made a combined $5.3 million. So what’s the incentive to actually inform voters? No matter what the broadcasters tell us, it is hard for me to see informing the public is what TV news has done.

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Author: mediamouse

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