Top Michigan PACs Raise 59% More than in 2004

The top 150 political action committees (PACs) in Michigan have raised more than $47 million according to research by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. This amount is 59% more than the 2004 election, with both state PACs and leadership PACs seeing a substantial increase. The increase has been led by the Coalition for Progress PAC, funded by Jon Stryker of Kalamazoo and Pat Stryker of Colorado Springs, who have contributed 99.6% of the PAC’s fund. While the Coalition for Progress has claimed to be a “liberal” PAC designed to offset the influence of DeVos’ political money, it will likely contribute to a lessening of democracy rather than expanding it as elections increasingly become dominated by contributions from corporate interests and wealthy families. Rich Robinson of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network has raised concerns that “the people need to remain vigilant to make sure the public interest won’t be overwhelmed by elected officials’ desire to show appreciation for all this campaign cash” while arguing in relation to the Coalition for Progress PAC that “we have gone too far in letting a few with great wealth decide the course of our elections.”

Author: mediamouse

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