Study Finds Average of 30 Seconds of Election Coverage in Detroit and Lansing News Broadcasts

A study conducted during the first month of the campaign season—September 7th to October6th—has found that on average television news broadcasts in Lansing and Detroit average less than 30 seconds of election coverage per half hour newscast. While featuring limited election coverage, the newscasts had more than ten minutes of advertising, more than seven minutes of sports and weather, and more than two minutes of crime stories. The numbers were compiled as part of a region-wide study called the Midwest News Index. The News Index shows that 76% of election stories focused on campaign strategy and “horserace” statistics such as polling and fundraising. In Detroit, only 10% of stories focused on issues, while in Lansing 55% of stories were strategy and horserace and 41% issues-centered, a high percentage for the region.

Author: mediamouse

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