DeVos has other plans during Cheney visit


This article tells readers that DeVos will not be at any of the events that Vice President Cheney will be attending on Sept. 25. The article speculates that DeVos may not attend the Cheney events in order to “put some distance between himself and President Bush.” The only person cited in the story is DeVos spokesperson John Truscott. The article does mention that the DeVos family have been major donors to the Republican Party, but no dollar amounts are provided. Ask yourself if this story provided useful information for the November 7 election?

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GRAND RAPIDS — At least one prominent Republican won’t be on hand Monday when Vice President Dick Cheney rolls into town.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos can’t make it.

DeVos and his family have a long lineage in the Republican Party. They are major contributors to the both the national party and to President Bush. DeVos’ wife, Betsy, is a former Republican Party chair for the state.

But recently DeVos has put some distance between himself and President Bush, whose approval ratings remain low, as he tries to get elected in a state that has been won by Democratic presidential candidates in recent elections.

Last month DeVos called a press conference to chide Bush for not meeting with the Big Three automakers. That meeting since has been scheduled for after the Nov. 7 election.

Friday, DeVos spokesman John Truscott made it clear that DeVos had other plans when the vice president is in town.

“We have nothing to do with the Cheney visit on Monday,” Truscott said. “It’s a completely different issue. He’s coming in for other people. We have our own campaign schedule to keep. We won’t even be in Grand Rapids on Monday.”

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