Plans for the Elderly

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This story introduces a new topic to the coverage of the governor’s race, the candidates plans for the elderly. The story covers this topic much as other topics have been covered, brief statements are given from each candidate and then the viewer is told to go to a website for more information.


WOOD Newsreader – Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos was in West Michigan today to unveil his plan for seniors. DeVos’ plan is to help seniors by adding more police officers to prevent crime, increasing inspections at nursing homes, and getting more people to pay for their own care if they have that ability.

DeVos – We are one of the few states that doesn’t go out and actively insure that if individuals have the resources to care for themselves, that they are participating to the extent they are able, also.

Newsreader – This afternoon Governor Granholm’s campaign released a list of ways they have helped senior citizens, including lowering prescription drug costs, protecting seniors from con artists, and creating a task force on elder abuse. For more one both candidates, and their proposals, go to our website at and click on the politics section.

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