Grand Rapids City Commission Endorses Health Care Finance Resolution

Back in May, the Grand Rapids City Commission passed a resolution endorsing a proposal by the Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network (MichUHCAN) that calls on Govern Granholm to establish a commission to examine the financing of health care in the state and to make recommendations for the establishment of a comprehensive system for all state residents.

While Media Mouse is late in its reporting, the July/August issue of the Heartside Spoon has a short article of the Grand Rapids City Commission’s unanimous May 9th endorsement of the Health Care Finance Resolution that has been promoted across Michigan by the Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network (MichUHCAN). The resolution passed by the City Commission reads that:

We, the Grand Rapids City Commission, hereby call on Jennifer Granholm, Governor of Michigan, to establish a commission to study the financing of health care in Michigan and to make recommendations to change that financing so that all people in Michigan shall have health insurance in a system which is affordable, cost efficient, provides comprehensive benefits, promotes prevention and early intervention, eliminates disparities in access and in mental health care, provides continuity of care (is portable from one job to another, protects consumer choice, and is easy to use.

The Grand Rapids City Commission’s endorsement was the first municipal endorsement on the west side of the state and a significant one with Grand Rapids being the state’s second largest city. Spoon credited MichUHCAN, the Green Party of Kent County, and the Michigan Organizing Project’s Health Care Task Force for their work in getting the resolution passed, as well as Hard Times Café and the Heartside-Downtown Neighborhood Association for their earlier endorsement of the effort. Statewide, the resolution has been endorsed by over one-hundred municipalities and organizations.

Spoon reports that endorsements are still being sought and interested organizations should contact Richa at (616)-245-8633 or richa [ at ]

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