Area Candidates Respond to Questionnaire on Democracy Issues

A small number of area candidates have responded to a questionnaire prepared by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network (MCFN) that looks at “democracy issues” in the state of Michigan including issues such as campaign finance limits and term limits.

Yesterday the Michigan Campaign Finance Network (MCFN) released the results of a questionnaire distributed to the 512 primary election candidates for the Michigan legislature. The 37 questions focused broadly the health of democracy in the state with specific questions examining registration and voting, campaign finance contribution limits, soft money and “issue ads,” public financing of campaigns, campaign finance reporting, personal financial disclosure, ethics and enforcement, lobbying, term limits, and redistricting. The organizations developing the questionnaire included League of Women Voters of Michigan, Common Cause in Michigan, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan AFL-CIO, the Michigan Environmental Council, the Michigan Prospect for Renewed Citizenship, the Michigan chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW), the Triangle Foundation, Voters’ Voice of Livingston County, and the Huron Valley Gray Panthers. According to the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, about twenty percent of candidates responded to the questionnaire.

Very few candidates running for either the Michigan Senate or House of Representatives in West Michigan responded to the questionnaire. Of the Senate districts within this area, only Scott Harvey running in the District 28 Senate race, David LaGrand running in the District 29 race, and Scott VanderStoep in the District 30 race gave responses. In House races, no candidates in District 77, District 86, District 75, and District 76 gave responses. Only Joseph Marckini of District 73 along with several candidates for District 74 responded.

The complete questionnaire and responses are available online along with links to help voters determine their districts.

Author: mediamouse

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