Top 150 PACs in Michigan Raised $30 Million this Election Cycle

The top 150 political action committees (PACs) in Michigan have raised $30 million this election cycle according to data compiled by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network (MCFN). MCFN reports that this figure is up 26.6% from the 2004 election cycle when the PACs had raised $23.7 million by July 20, 2004. The top PACs are the various legislative caucuses whose fundraising is up an average of 65%. The PACs of several interest groups have also experienced significant growth, with the United Autoworkers Voluntary PAC at $1,200,000 (up $425,000 in 2004), the Michigan Association of Realtors PAC at $876,608 (up $237,701) and the Comerica, Inc. PAC at $370,762 (up $207,594). National presidential candidates have also established PACs in Michigan, with Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s Commonwealth PAC and Senator John McCain’s Straight Talk America – Michigan PAC raising $1,124,720 and $138,000 respectively.

Author: mediamouse

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