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In heavily Dutch West Michigan, surnames can confound. You don’t have to tell that to Rich E. VanderKlok and Rick VanderKolk – if you can tell one from the other. The two are running in separate Ottawa County state House races. VanderKlok’s in a ten-person primary race to replace Rep. William Van Regenmorter of Georgetown Township. VanderKolk’s in an eight person field to replace Rep. Barbara Vander Veen of Allendale. Standing out is a trick, and a key to victory. VanderKolk and VanderKlok hope to capitalize on the name confusion, in a sort of two for one way. The two recently sent out a joint press release suggesting – in the words of Rick VanderKolk – “The Klok/Kolk combo for Ottawa County would represent the area very well.

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