Resources on Sulfide Mining

Media Mouse has produced new resources on sulfide mining in Michigan. The resources, available both as a static web page and as a downloadable pamphlet are designed to educate residents of the state’s lower peninsula about the environmental threat posed to plans by the international corporation Kennecott Minerals to construct the state’s first sulfide mine in the Upper Peninsula. Kennecott has dubbed the effort the “Eagle Project” and there has been a considerable effort to organize to prevent the mine from opening by residents of the Upper Peninsula. It is our hope that the resources available that we have made available will facilitate increased involvement of those living outside of the Upper Peninsula in the struggle.

In the past month, the opposition has seen progress with a legal challenge that has delayed a decision on whether or not a permit for the mine will be awarded by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, as well as the discovery (confirmed this week by the United States Fish and Wild Service biologist) that the site of the mine is home to a federally protected bird species, the rare Kirtland’s Warbler.

Author: mediamouse

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