Nazi Rally Cost State Police $171,000

According to reporting in the corporate media, Saturday’s Nazi rally in Lansing by the National Socialist Movement (NSM), cost the Michigan State Police $171,000. The amount includes $105,000 spent on police overtime for the 221 officers provided by the Michigan State Police and $2,512 to fuel one of two helicopters that patrolled protestors. The city of Lansing has estimated that they spent $75,000 on the rally, including $25,000 for “equipment” and $50,000 for overtime to pay for police and fire officials. City officials in Lansing have publicly stated that the expenses were “worth it” as the massive security presence prevented violence and consequently upheld the city’s reputation. Of course, questions remain regarding how Lansing is going to pay for the security costs, with the city having a $11 million budget deficit for 2007 and Mayor Virg Bernero already proposing that less money be spent on roadwork, cemetery maintenance, and other such “non-essential” services.

Author: mediamouse

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