Updates on Lansing Anti-Nazi Protest

Direct Action!, one of the member groups of the Lansing Coalition Against Nazis (LCAN), has posted further details of the April 22nd anti-nazi protest in Lansing:

On April 22nd 2006 from 2-4pm the National Socialist Movement (NSM) will hold its national rally at the Capital Building in Lansing, MI. The NSM are neo-nazis who call themselves “America’s Nazi Party” and call for the eradication of “inferior” races. A coalition of community organizations, campus groups and community members has come together to form the Lansing Coalition Against Nazis (LCAN) in response to the Nazis attempts to organize and recruit. LCAN is calling for a visible and vocal demonstration to counter the NSM’s message of hate. Please join the march and rally beginning at 12:30pm on Saturday April 22nd, 2006.

The group has posted two flyers (1, 2) and has announced that people will meet at the corner Grand and Michigan at Riverview Park in downtown Lansing at 12:30pm. The protest has drawn considerable national attention, despite the fact that the city has actively discouraged people from attending the rally and police are asking downtown businesses to close as part of a security strategy that will include a 3,000 foot chain link fence and a system of protest zones and metal detectors designed to prevent “violence” between protestors and the NSM.

Author: mediamouse

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