Right to Life, Zandstra part ways


Coverage of Zandstra continues to focus on his stance on abortion. Ask yourself why the GR Press continues to report this?

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From the Political Polpourri section

It’s now official: GOP U.S. Senate candidate Jerry Zandstra is too extreme for Right to Life of Michigan. The Cutlerville minister lost its stamp of approval for endorsing a state ballot initiative that essentially would ban all abortions. In a letter to Zandstra, Right to Life President Barbara Listing laid down the law, stating, “It is one thing to disagree with fellow prolifers who are working for the same end and another to disagree and attempt to discredit Right to Life of Michigan through a public forum.” Zandstra said he draws inspiration from Mark Twain quote posted above his kitchen sink: “Always do what is right. You will gratify some and amaze the rest.”


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