Poster Pasting Action Draws Attention in Grand Rapids

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For the past few weeks, telephone poles in Grand Rapids’ northeast side have been covered in political posters. Rather than advertising a specific political candidate, the posters have generally promoted what can at best be described as a “liberal” political point of view. The posters, the majority of which are simple 8.5×11 black-and-white photocopies, contain a variety of slogans and facts relating to international and national events. Their message ranges from the vague “evolve” and “start cooperation” to specific posters about the killing of civilians in the war on terror and the United States use of torture. While it is impossible to evaluate how effective this particular action is, given the size and frequency of the posters, it is likely that many people have considered their message. Moreover, at Tuesday’s Grand Rapids Public Schools’ board meeting, board member Cindy Mueller cited one of the posters reading “FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real” as a way to dismiss critics of the GRPS school closing plan. This mention suggests that perhaps the messages on the poster have successfully reached a large number of people.

Author: mediamouse

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