Hundreds March against General Motors and Delphi at Annual Auto Show

The rank-and-file United Auto Workers (UAW) publication Future of the Union reported yesterday that between 600 and 700 marched against General Motors and Delphi on Sunday. The march took place outside the annual North American International Auto Show at Detroit’s Cobo Center where the focus was on new cars rather than the economic impact of Delphi’s bankruptcy and a recent announcement that Chrysler is laying off some 700 workers. However, outside the auto show the protest was attended by at least one worker from every UAW local in the state of Michigan with Delphi and General Motors workers attending from as far away as Alabama and California. According to Future of the Union, attendance was impeded by the UAW’s bureaucracy who refused to spread the word about the rank-and-file initiated protest and failed to attend the event.

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Author: mediamouse

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