What Really Happened in the 2004 Election in Ohio

In this lecture, author, reporter, and activist Bob Fritakis discusses the 2004 elections and what happened in Ohio. Fritakis argues that there was a “very intentional” process through which numerous tactics were used to ensure that Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush won the state. He outlines what were essentially “high-tech Jim Crow conditions” designed to keep people from voting including everything from changing polling places at the last minute to problems with the voting machine. While the efforts of the Republicans (including J. Kenneth Blackwell) helped them win the presidency, Fritakis convincingly argues that the 2004 election in Ohio about more than whether Kerry or Bush won the presidency. Instead, Fitrakas asserts that the election has much to do with the future of our democracy.


Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org