WGRD Promotes Tini Bikini’s and Jokes about “Division Girls” on Air

WGRD, a local rock station known for its sexist on-air comments, has been promoting Tini Bikini’s heavily with commericals and banter between DJ. Moreover, a recent show featured jokes about “Division Girls” and prostitution.

A few months ago, Media Mouse discussed WGRD 97.9’s promotion of Tini Bikini’s, a local sexploitation club in downtown Grand Rapids. Since that time, Media Mouse has occasionally listened to WGRD and heard a number of degrading and objectifying statements directed at women. The station, which currently features a DJ line-up that is entirely male, heavily markets itself to college age males and has made extensive use of sexist content to promote itself to that market. After hearing WGRD DJs David Fox and Lucas joke about date rape on the air Friday night (with Lucas stating that if people want to know about it they should ask his ex-girlfriend), Media Mouse decided to listen to the station for an hour from approximately 9:20pm to 10:20pm on Friday, October 28. Media Mouse documented a host of objectional content including homophobic insults, sexist comments, “jokes” about “hookers” on Division, age discrimination, and others. The transcripts of the more offensive comments are detailed below and will be part of a campaign that Media Mouse will launch in the coming month’s against WGRD.

Caller: Hey, what’s up big guy?

David Fox: Good evening.

Caller: I need you to do me a big favor, alright?

David Fox: What’s that?

Caller: Caledonia High School hasn’t been in the playoffs since we have been alive and we just rocked Ionia 53 to 7. Awesome. Could you put that out for us?

David Fox: Yeah, I can do that for ya.

Caller: Alright. Thank you.

David Fox: What’s your name?

Caller: Dan.

David Fox: Wait, do you play football?

Caller: Umm, no.

David Fox: What are you? Like the water boy or something?

Caller: Water boy?

David Fox: haha.. do you play any sports?

Luke: Actually, I don’t play any sports but I like to squeegee my car.

David Fox: So basically, you want to give a shout out to your football team who is going to get p tonight while you’re by yourself.

Caller: They’re going to get so boned.

Luke: What did he say?

David Fox: Dude, you rock. Later.

Caller: Later.

David Fox: No sports. That kid was alright. Congrats to what school, I even forgot…

David Fox: Luke, you’re getting a little crazy?

Luke: It’s that damn stupid juice we were chugging earlier

David Fox: Take your pill…

David Fox: That’s what you get when I eat Taco Bell.

Luke: Oh, I knew it, you little.

David Fox: Oh man. I walked over to Lucas in the studio and I was like pretending to shuffle through papers.

Luke: Just dropped some ass right next to me for god’s sake.

DF: Silent but violent, yes!

Luke: Oh, dude, still reeks.

DF: 97.9 GRD, Nineties at Nine – that’s where you get to here awesome stuff like Nine Inch Nails.

Luke: Dave Fox dropping ass on the radio.

DF: That’s what you get.

DF: Ok, here’s the deal. I wanted to talk about this seriously. We’re going to get to Audioslave in a minute, everyone’s been on my ass. The deal is, I was watching Titanic today and I’ve seen the movie over and over but then I started putting myself into the position of being on that boat.

Luke: You know that bastard sunk on my birthday?

DF: You’re kidding me.

Luke: No, I’m serious, April 14th.

DF: Wow, ok. So, they’re like “women and children into the boats” and I started thinking “that’s stupid man.” Ok, now, ok, I will let babies into the boat first. Babies.

Luke: Classify a baby.

DF: Well a baby, I mean if it’s still sucking on the teat. Huh-uh. And if it can’t walk or talk. But anything that walks or talks – it’s free game baby. You know I’m like “women and children” they’re loading on these old bastards who are gonna die in like a couple months anyway. I would have just kicked them right in the sea and said “part of the ocean” there you go geriatric weirdos.

Luke: Oh my god.

DF: So anyway, I do not believe about the women and children rule first.

Luke: So you think it should be banned? Every man for himself or what?

DF: Well, I mean, I think, you know, I should have a place over some chick.

Luke: Ditch the bitch man right?

DF: So, you know, anybody out there that doesn’t believe in the women and children rule, please call up because, just think about it if you on the boat and it was sinking.

Luke: Would you want some 90 year old woman on the boat?

DF: Nah, especially, what if it was a fugly? What if the chick was fugly? She don’t deserve to be saved.

Luke: With a gut.

DF: Complete with cankles. She is gonna take so much of that boat space up the life boat. Give us a call if you think women and children is stupid.

DF: 97.9 GRD. Grand Rapids’ rock alternative – what the suck Fridays, Luke.

Luke: What up foxy, how ya doing?

DF: So we were talking about the Titanic and I thought it was interesting because today I was watching the guys get into their tuxedos and says “we’re dressed like gentlemen and we’re going to go down like gentlemen” or what not.

Luke: How stupid.

DF: I mean, kick the kids in the ocean, kidicubes, kidicubes.

Luke: You know how many kids I put down the drain pipes daily fox?

DF: So anyway, do you believe women and children should be first? Which I am totally against, especially the old people. So let’s go ahead and hit the phones.

Caller 1: I think that thing about women and children, it’s stupid.

DF: Well are you going to expound on that?


Caller 2: Hey I’m calling about the old lady and the like women and children before the men. f–beep-ck yeah dude, know what?

Luke: You can’t say f–beep-ck on the radio ya f–beep-ck head.

DF: Wash that mouth out.

Caller 2: Let me start over. Ready?

Caller 2: You listening?

David Fox and Luke: Yeah.

David Fox and Luke: F-beep-ck you.


Caller 3 (woman): I definetly do not think old people should get to go on the boat.

Luke: I agree, How about women? They are the worst of all.

Caller 3: Umm, I think they should be able to fight for a spot.

Luke: That’s right, if you get punched in the face by me I get your spot. Sorry about your luck sweetheart.

Caller 3: If I kick you in the balls I get your spot.

Luke: Shut up.

DF: Beat it.


Caller 4: I disagree with you guys in thinking women and children should not go first.

Luke: You’re probably gay. Beat it.

DF: Did he say he disagreed with us but he said they shouldn’t go first?

Luke: I don’t know that guy was loopy as heck.

DF: Well, if you don’t know what we are talking don’t call in. We don’t want to talk to you.

Luke: Don’t waste our time.

DF: We’ve got some Audioslave tickets in just a minute with the Nineties at Nine.

DF: Hey Kev, who does ultrasound, uh, me and Luke had this little talk earlier cause I was watching the Titanic and I though it was crap, cause I was thinking about it, and you know everyone watched the movie. What if you were on the boat? The whole women and children on the boat first? It irked me, it irked me. Now of course, whores and strippers.

Luke: They’re on our boat, that’s fine.

DF: What do you think Kevin? Women and Children? Come on over here. He’s the star of ultrasound on Sundays.

Kevin: Women and children first… to be pushed out of the way.

DF: I was getting ready to kick you in the ass.


Caller 5: Hey is this Fox?

DF: Yup.

Caller 5: We’re here at the Griffins game playing 90s trivia.

DF: Ok.

Luke: I will whip Fox’s ass dude, you ask me.

Caller 5: We cannot figure out who sings that “Firestarter” song.

DF: It’s the that sing “smack my bitch up.”

Luke: Prodigy.

Caller 5: Prodigy, there you go, Prodigy, alright, awesome. Thank you very much.

DF: Hey thank you don’t cut it, I want something else in like a monetary form.

Luke: Yup, we want money.

DF: Some hookers.

Caller 5: Got no cash, spent it all on beer at the Griffins game.

DF: Ahh, some whores down on the red light district sound sorta nice.

Luke: Dude, send some of those Division girls up to the studio.

Caller 5: Alright buddy. Hey, play that song at 9:45 would ya?

DF: We’ll play it when we wanna play it. Beat it.

DF: See, we’re not gonna do “firestarter” cause if we get some of those, uhh, ladies of the night. What are we going to do to them?

Luke: Throw them off the boat, smack my bitch up!

DF: Let’s go ahead and hit the phone lines. Women and children first on the life boats? I don’t think so at least when I’m on it.

Luke: Not from where I’m standing.

DF: And old people? Nah, they stink anyway.

Luke: I’d say, ehh, nevermind, I can’t say that on air.

DF: And if they can’t drive. Who’s going to put em on the boat anyway. They can’t row, they will just row back into the side of the Titanic.

Caller 6: Hi, I’d like to take a vote for the women and children thing.

DF: Mmmhmm.

Caller 6: I think women and children should be able to go first.

Luke: I think you sound like you are drunk.

Caller 6: Nahh.

DF: Are you a girl or a boy? I can’t tell.

Luke: It’s Pat.

DF: Yeah, well, where does Pat fit into the picture? Does she get onto the boat or not? She’s both sexes. What if you are a hermaphrodite.

Luke: Yeah, what does that do to your theory Fox? What about those people?

DF: Maybe one leg on the boat, one leg off.

Luke: What about the third leg?

DF: No, cause a hermaphrodite doesn’t have a third leg.

Luke: No, they’ve got both dude.

DF: Oh that’s right.

Caller 6: That’s what basically you said to me yesterday.

DF: What?

Caller 6: Remember yesterday I called about Audioslave tickets?

DF: Oh, you’re Roberto.

Caller 6: Yes.

DF: Well, once you hit puberty, trust me, you will get it.

Luke: You’ll get hair in some weird spots, don’t let it freak you out.

DF: The birds and the bees, ask your parents about it. Or just go watch some Skinimax. You guys got cable?

Caller 6: Nahhh.

DF: That’s where we learned everything.

DF: Grand Rapids’ rock alternative. This is Fox along with who?

Luke: Lucas.

DF: On a “what the suck Friday night” We’ve got some free passes, you got to be twenty-one ages or older for Tini Bikini’s and its “American Hottie” contest. Have you ever been there?

Luke: Oh yeah dude, that place is bad ass.

DF: What’s cool about is it is that you get to go in and it’s the closest you can get to a strip club but it’s nice.

Luke: Yeah, there’s actually like cute girls there.

DF: Well the thing is, a lot of strip clubs that you go to, I’ve had friends that would be like “I’m dating a girl from this club where she dances at” and they get her out into the light and I’m like “oof.” You know what I mean?

Luke: Yeah.

DF: Most strippers are skanks.

Luke: They’re barfers dude.

DF: You’ve probably dated some.

Luke: I wouldn’t call it date, but I’ve, you know, been involved.

DF: So American Hottie contest happening right downtown at Oakes and Division. We need judges. And we’re looking for guys and girls, so I mean, if you girls want to check out other chicks, we’re totally into that.

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org