Organizing against Sexual Harassment at Guiding Light Mission

Last week, activists with the Grand Rapids chapter of Food Not Bombs were made aware of a local organizing effort around sexual harassment at Guiding Light Mission in downtown Grand Rapids. There has been an ongoing picket outside of Guiding Light this summer as a result of sexual harassment and discrimination as well as a petition drive that has gained the support of many homeless people in the Grand Rapids area, many of whom report discrimination and harassment by Guiding Light’s staff.

Signers of the petition are making the following demands

  1. We support for equal rights and civil rights for everyone
  2. We support for Constitutional rights that protect everyone from discrimination, sexual harassment, and violation of civil rights
  3. We stand for liberty and justice for all people
  4. We would like for an unbiased investigation to be done by a Federal Grand Jury into the allegations against Guiding Light

Media Mouse has made the petition available online and organizers of the campaign are asking that individuals collect signatures. Completed petitions can be sent to Cheryl Phifer, PO Box 1183, Grand Rapids, MI 49501.


Author: mediamouse

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