Carl Levin’s Statement in Opposition to CAFTA

Last week Michigan Senator Carl Levin voted against CAFTA:

The Administration is asking the Senate to rubber stamp implementing legislation for CAFTA under fast track procedures that only allow members of Congress an up or down vote and no chance to amend or improve it. Although I support increased trade with Central America and believe that fair trade policies would benefit all parties, I do not support the agreement as crafted. Without the chance to improve it, I must oppose it.

The Administration is not doing the work necessary to get our trade policy on track. The five Central American countries and the Dominican Republic account for less than 1.5 percent of total U.S. trade, and our own International Trade Commission found that the U.S. trade deficit with CAFTA countries would likely increase slightly as a result of CAFTA. Yet the Administration has made CAFTA its number one trade priority. A better focus for our trade policy would be opening markets in nations and sectors where the most egregious trade barriers block the sale of U.S. goods and services. We should break down barriers faced by U.S. manufacturers, farmers and services in key export markets including China, Japan, the EU, Korea, and elsewhere.

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Author: mediamouse

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