Alternative Halliburton Annual Report Documents Ongoing War Profiteering

A new “alternative annual report” on Halliburton titled “Houston, We Still Have a Problem” documents ongoing war profiteering by Halliburton, a company that has earned over $7.1 billion for recent work in Iraq. The company has been extensively criticized by opponents of the war for both its ties to the Bush administration via Vice President Dick Cheney who was Halliburton’s former CEO and its record of low quality work in Iraq. In many ways, Halliburton has become the quintessential example of the failed occupation and reconstruction, as the company’s name has become synonymous with its work in Iraq.

The report cites numerous reasons why Halliburton’s conduct continues to be unacceptable including the company’s unwillingness to prevent bribery, fraud, and corruption within its workforce, its failure to take the necessary precautions to protect its employees in Iraq, its efforts to undermine US government regulations that protect drinking water, and its attempts to get around federal laws designed to prevent companies from doing business with corrupt and brutal governments. Halliburton is also the target of numerous government investigations, including investigations into no-bid contracts that it received, possible bribes for military contracts, over-charging for fuel the company supplies to Iraq, and violations of antitrust laws. Despite all this, the US Army last week awarded a Halliburton subsidiary, KBR, a $72.2 million bonus.

The report’s release was timed to coincide with Halliburton’s annual meeting in Houston, where activists are planning a variety of protests both inside and outside the meeting. For coverage of the protests, visit

Author: mediamouse

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