National Conference on Media Reform this Weekend

This weekend the National Conference on Media Reform will be taking place in St. Louis. This is the second nation conference on Media Reform, the first having taken place in Madison WI in 2003. Since then the Media Reform movement has gained significant strength and energy. A local contingent of people representing Media Mouse, GRIID, Catalyst Radio, and the Grand Rapids Community Media Center will be attending the conference. Hopefully this upcoming conference will lead to new and more powerful challenges to the corporate media structure that so woefully “serves” the public interest in the United States. For those that would like to learn more about the conference check out To watch live streaming video of the conference, click here. It has been reported that some attendees at the conference will be planning actions focusing on protesting the corporate media in St. Louis. Media Mouse hopes to cover as much of the conference as well as any direct actions that result from it.

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