City of Grand Rapids Announces Wireless Internet Test Sites

The City of Grand Rapids, who has been working on plans for the development of a city-wide wireless internet network, has announced plans for the unveiling of demonstration networks this June. The demonstration networks will all run for eight weeks and will be free to the public in a variety of neighborhoods. The first test phase will go live on June 1st and will include wireless networks covering the areas around Calder Plaza and City Hall, the Police Department, Van Andel Research Institute, and Kent County’s Fuller campus. The second test phase will take place at Creston High School, the Leonard and Covell Fire Station, the Wealthy Theatre, Walker City Hall, and an undetermined location in Kentwood and will go live on July 1st.

In addition to the city’s plans for a wireless network, there are a number of other free wireless networks around Grand Rapids. A list of wireless networks is maintained at

Author: mediamouse

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