Vigilante Border Patrols in Michigan?

The “Minutemen” project has announced plans to expand their “border patrols” to Michigan. Saying that they are going to continue their patrols indefinitely, the Minutemen have declared their intention to patrol the Canadian border in Vermont, Michigan, Idaho, and North Dakota. Considering that Michigan has only bridge/tunnel connections to Canada that already are monitored (Detroit, Port Huron, Sault Ste. Marie, etc.) the Minutemen plans to engage in border patrols seem rather silly. More threatening is the other part of the Minute Men agenda, which is “to launch protests of businesses with a track record of hiring undocumented immigrants, to bring attention to the lack of enforcement in the nation’s interior.” It is not hard to imagine that this could turn into vigilante groups taking immigration enforcement into their own hands. Considering the relatively large population in Michigan of “Michigan Militia” types and of undocumented workers, the potential for serious civil rights violations exists. Fortunately, the Minutemen movement so far appears to be more media hype than a viable, long term organization.


Author: mediamouse

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