White Supremacist National Alliance Again Distributing Leaflets in West Michigan

The white supremacist group, the National Alliance, is once again distributing leaflets (previous Media Mouse update on the National Alliance) in the West Michigan area according to reports in the corporate press. In a post on the web site for the National Vanguard, the National Alliance’s magazine, National Alliance members in Michigan reveal that they are emboldened by WOOD TV 8’s coverage of the leafleting. They claim that the report by “a Jewish television reporter name ‘Jam Sarder'” showed a “distinctly unappealing White women apparently involved in multiple interracial relationships” while conveying their message of white purity and detailing how they favor “a proud White America.”

Despite considerable infighting within the group and a membership of only 1,000, the National Alliance has been fairly active in the past year promoting “white rights” and the supremacy of the white race. Throughout the mid-1990s Michigan had considerable National Alliance activity and it seems to be picking up over the past year, with leafleting and even “organizing” meetings being held in Michigan.

The group is currently planning for its annual “Love Your Race” outreach campaign in conjunction with Valentine’s Day with chapters planning to distribute leaflets between now and February 16. Based on information obtained about last year’s leafleting, it seems to be carried out by a small number of people who travel throughout the state, likely based in one of the three cities with National Alliance chapters:

  • Detroit – 734-786-7603
  • Saginaw – 989-776-0745
  • Traverse City – 231-922-1989

We urge people to act to stop the National Alliance.

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org