Right-wing Group Targets GVSU Taco Bell Boycott

The local chapter of “Protest Warrior” has announced a campaign against Students against Sweatshops GVSU’s efforts to improve the working conditions for farm workers picking tomatoes for Taco Bell.


The West Michigan Chapter of Protest Warrior is planning an effort to target what they see as Students Against Sweatshops GVSU’s “freedom stealing” campaign to remove Taco Bell from campus. SAS-GVSU has been working on the campaign for the past three years in response to a call by the Coalition of Immakolee Workers (CIW) for students to work to remove Taco Bell from their campuses as a result of human rights violations among farmworkers picking tomatoes sold to Taco Bell.

Protest Warrior is calling for Grand Valley State University (GVSU) students to start a “student revolution” to save Taco Bell charging that a “communist group” is trying to “tample [sic] upon the freedom of others.” While the call for “Operation: Viva Taco Bell”, as it has been dubbed by Protest Warrior, is full of the usual sloganeering and distortions that many activists have come to expect from the local “protest warriors” and Free Republic members (including getting the name of the group wrong and an inability to understand the reasons for the boycott), the Protest Warrior site does feature a more detailed analysis of why the Taco Bell boycott is “wrong” that mainly repeats the same old argument that people are better off with a bad job than no job.

It is hard to believe that the local contingent of Protest Warriors and Free Republic members might be able to launch anything resembling an organizing campaign given the fact that it seems to be made up primarily of middle-age white males (and a few students) who have nothing better to do than sit on the internet posting messages full of superlatives detailing their “protests”. Past “operations” by this group have included the extremely effective coordinated shouting of “go back to iran” and chanting “9-1-1, don’t forget the terrorists ” at antiwar protestors–both of which have no doubt made “the left” tremble.

Call for Operation: Viva Taco Bell:

Any members that attend GVSU please let me know who you are. The communist group “Students United Against Sweat Shops” is trying to have TACO BELL removed from the GVSU campus.

They claim that farm workers were mistreated at a farm in Florida that grows tomattoes for Taco Bell, so they are targeting Taco Bell instead of the farm. It is one thing to personally boycott a business, but this group has gone way beyond the boundries of common sense, and tample upon the freedom of others.

I emailed this group a couple weeks ago and expressed my outrage with thier agenda. They think that it is perfectly alright for everyone else to give up thier personal freedom, for thier liberal cause.

Do you support the idea of surrendering your freedom and personal liberty to enjoy Taco Bell, in support of a far-left cause such as this?

These anti-capitalist, freedom stealers must be stopped!

Who is interested in helping to start a student revolution at GVSU to save Taco Bell, and perserve individual liberty?

Author: mediamouse

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