Confronting Empire Meetings this Week

The “Confronting Empire” working group has two meetings scheduled this week. Both meetings will be taking place at the Wealthy Street Theatre at 1130 Wealthy St.

Tuesday the 11th @ 7:00pm

We will be meeting to discuss actions in conjunction with Bush’s inauguration on January 20th. One local group, the West Michigan Justice and Peace Coalition, has announced plans for a noon gathering at the Federal Building in downtown GR. We also will be talking about anti-corporate globalization campaigns, an antiwar campaign focusing on military contractors, a direct action training, and other ideas that people bring. Folks are encouraged to bring their own ideas about what they would like to work on.

Saturday the 15th @ 3:00pm

We’ll be discussing stuff from the Tuesday meeting regarding inauguration events and will continute to strategize for upcoming campaigns and actions. This meeting will be catered by the newly created Food Not Bombs chapter, so please bring a dish and a spoon if you would like to eat some yummy food


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