IndulgeGR is No More

IndulgeGR, Media Mouse’s favorite mouthpiece of consumer capitalism and “hip” yuppie culture in Grand Rapids is no longer being published. While the Media Mouse news team has been unable to get a confirmation directly from the staff of IndulgeGR, there has not been a new issue published since November 10, 2004 and the IndulgeGR boxes scattered around downtown have become fodder for local graffiti artists. It should come as no surprise that IndulgeGR did not succeed in Grand Rapids–it was a glossy publication oriented toward a fairly extravagant lifestyle of “fine dining” and drinking out of reach to many residents in its primary distribution area of downtown. Media Mouse has previously written about IndulgeGR�s disdain for low-income residents and ignorance surrounding issues pertaining to gentrification and the ramifications of the lifestyle they were promoting. It should also be noted that IndulgeGR relied primarily on advertisements from bars and “adult-oriented entertainment,” both of which frequently used objectifying images of women in their ads to fill the spaces between their poorly written articles, many of which presented misogynistic views consistent with the advertisements.

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