Republican National Convention (RNC) Coverage Wrap-Up

With the end of the Republican National Convention yesterday, Media Mouse presents a wrap-up of its coverage while in New York City.

With the close of the Republican National Convention (RNC), Media Mouse’s coverage of the RNC also comes to an end. While the local media’s coverage was rather dismal, as would be expected, viewers did get to hear WZZM 13 anchor Juliet Dragos explain anarchism. Throughout the week we worked with the NYC Independent Media Center, the best source for news on the RNC protests thanks to the willingness of several dozen folks who were willing to travel across the country and spend days covering the protests and dodging the police. Luckily, our team of reporters successfully managed to avoid arrest while in New York City, despite many close calls with our burly friends at the NYPD.

A number of photos from the RNC protests have been posted online. We also have video footage from the protests which will eventually be used to produce a short documentary.

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