Demanding More from John Kerry at Grand Rapids Appearance

Kerry Salute at the DNC

Outside of John Kerry’s Grand Rapids appearance at Calder Plaza a small group of people distributed information about Kerry’s support of the ongoing occupation of Iraq, corporate globalization epitomized by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and corporate influence in politics. While the “action” was much smaller than the protests outside President Bush’s July 30 visit to Grand Rapids, it offered a chance to talk with Kerry supporters about the need to move beyond a simple “Anybody but Bush” strategy. 350 “Demand More from Kerry!” flyers were distributed to Kerry supporters urging people to demand something from Kerry in exchange for their vote.

In addition to people leafleting, an appearance was made by the CAFTA Chicken and the NAFTA Bunny (photo gallery) who distributed 500 pink slips containing information about neoliberal trade agreements and their connection to local job losses. In other CAFTA Chicken and NAFTA Bunny news, we have posted two zines explaining more about the origins of these legendary creatures. Both zines were created at yesterday’s Clamor Magazine/Hey Kidz! make your own media workshop. You can view The Adventures of the NAFTA Bunny and The Adventures of the CAFTA Chicken online now.

Some recent articles on Kerry and the bankruptcy of “Anybody but Bush”:

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